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TNWG Emergency Services

Emergency services is one of the main missions of Civil Air Patrol. As you may know, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the Air Force Auxiliary and a national community service organization made up of professionally trained civilian volunteers. CAP has a modern, well‐equipped fleet of aircraft, vehicles and equipment that is exercised and utilized daily. CAP is a locally‐available talent and asset pool for federal, state and local government agencies. Within Tennessee Wing we have professionally trained national incident management system qualified personnel who can be rapidly deployed at any time throughout the State and, when necessary, beyond.

What TNWG can we do to support your operation

  • Search and Rescue (eg: overdue aircraft or missing persons)
  • Augmented Incident Management Team support such as Alternative Care Sites 
  • Aerial Imaging (aircraft and small unmanned aeronautical systems/drones) and ground (ground teams)
  • Airborne Reconnaissance (critical infrastructure, borders)
  • Damage assessment following a disaster (air and ground)
  • Points of Distribution support and Shelter Management Support (Food bank support)
  • Use of CAP vehicles for ground support (i.e. transport supplies, pickup/delivery of vaccines) 
  • Use of aircraft for light air transport, including but not limited to, medical equipment, testing equipment or other time-sensitive needs
  • Air Force Support (Low level route surveys and ranger support)
  • Homeland Security (Air Defense Intercept missions)
  • Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) operations
  • Counterdrug Operations
  • Cell Phone Forensics
  • VHF & HF Communications Support
  • Cadre of Chaplains and trained CISM personnel
  • Declared State of Emergency support. such as after a tornado or flood.
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