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TNWG Administration

Administration deals with the maintenance of the unit's publications and preparation of administrative authorizations.  Administrative Officers also assist their fellow staff officers with timely submission of required reports.  They often hold additional assignments as Personnel Officers and/or Education & Training Officers; however, those individuals have distinct functional responsibilities. Personnel Officers maintain unit personnel records, assist in completion of CAP Forms, and assist with promotions and awards. Education & Training Officers assist with development of the Senior (adult) Members and the associated awards.

The Tennessee Wing Director of Administration can be reached via email at

For assistance with Personnel functions, please visit the personnel section o

Regarding the new site, there are a few spots on the current site that
basically summarize some regs to try to help people process things more
efficiently. The top-level sites are (you know about this
one!) and That's the kind of information I think
would be good on the new site. In particular:

For both, go to that site then look just under the CAP seal at left. The
page title (Administration or Personnel) will be there, with a menu
under it. The menu items are sub-pages described below

* The basic info on the "Publication" page
* Unit Suspense Schedule
* TNWG Forms listing

The latter two may be able to be combined. You know about the forms. The suspense schedule is a google calendar (which would be awesome if we could keep) along with some .pdf files summarizing the suspense dates
for units.


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