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TNWG Finance

The Finance Committee serves as one of the most important functions in all levels at Civil Air Patrol, especially at the unit, wing, or region. This team develops procedures and policies to ensure financial management is not only secure, but also accurate and fiscally sound.

The Tennessee Finance Committee consists of the Commander (as chairperson), Director of Finance, and eight Wing Staff members. (See CAPR 173-1)

The Director of Finance is responsible for adequately managing wing and unit funds, ensuring that financial, regulatory, and reporting requirements are met, and assisting subordinate units. The Director of Finance is also responsible for keeping the Finance Committee adequately informed of the wing and subordinate unit financial position. Tennessee’s Finance Director is Bob Frase. He can be reached at Finance@tncap.us.

The role of a Wing Administrator is critical to the success of the Wing and the CAP units that perform CAP’s three missions of Emergency Services, Cadet Programs, and Aerospace Education every day. Tennessee Wing Administrator is Jeannie Evans. She processes all financial documentation and can be reached at jevans@capnhq.gov.


Form Title Reference
TNWGF 173-001 Check Request Form R173-1   
TNWGF 173-003 Deposit Advice Form R173-1
TNWGF 173-004 Advanced Funds Request Form R173-1
TNWGF 173-005 Advanced Funds Close out Form R173-1
TNWGF 173-006 Wing Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Form R173-1
TNWGF 173-007 Budget Template R173-1
NHQCAPF 164 Donation Receipt Form R173-4
NHQCAPF 170 CAPF 170 Business Meals & Entertainment Form R173-1
NHQCAPF 172 CAPF 172 Template R173-1



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