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TNWG Safety

The Tennessee Wing Civil Air Patrol is dedicated to a Safety Program that prevents mishaps by developing a positive safety culture amongst its members. Every effort is made to monitor and encourage compliance with existing Civil Air Patrol safety regulations and currency requirements. Developing a positive safety culture that can prevent mishaps goes far beyond enforcing program requirements. Substantive safety education must address all potentially “at-risk” behavior. A safer way to do things is a smarter way to do things. Safety is a force-multiplier. Safety is about knowing the right thing to do ahead of time and doing the right thing the first time. Events happen, and you cannot undo them. Success or mishap hangs in the balance and you have only one opportunity to do it right. The TNWG Safety Program is dedicated to preventing mishaps by encouraging wiser, smarter thinking through safety education and practice.


The Tennessee Wing Director of Public Affairs can be reached at safety@tncap.us

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