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Borsari Named Commander,
Tennessee Wing, Civil Air Patrol


Col George Robert (“Rob”) Borsari III was named Tennessee Wing Commander, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in October, 2021.  

Col Andrea Van Buren, commander, Southeast Region, Civil Air Patrol, announced the appointment, saying, “Col Borsari has provided exemplary leadership to CAP in numerous positions.  He has routinely supported large-scale disaster recovery missions and worked to improve CAP’s emergency services and disaster relief capabilities.  He currently serves as the national Waldo program manager and as commander of the Knoxville, TN, senior squadron 1. His proficiency and know-how in CAP operations and emergency services make him an invaluable addition to the Southeast Region leadership team.”

Col Borsari has a strong commitment to CAP’s core values.   He stated, “I am committed to promoting the core values of CAP in everything we do.  Weaving the core values into our programs will continually remind every member of their important and relevance to our organization.  Servant leadership focuses on listening to the needs of membership and helping members achieve goals.”

Col Borsari joined CAP in 2006 and immediately stepped into leadership roles.  From 2007 to 2014, he served as Tennessee wing (TNWG) director of emergency services; during the same timeframe, he also served as TNWG director of IT.   He served on the wing finance committee for 8 years.  From 2014 to present, he has served as TNWG director of operations.  Borsari also served as TNWG vice commander, TNWG group 1 commander, and SER disaster relief officer.  He is a certified incident commander and filled that role during the recent Hurricane Ida missions in Louisiana. 

His position as national Waldo program manager has been particularly helpful as a subject-matter expert during the time CAP began utilizing the advanced photography system.  Waldo is a highly technical imaging system created by WaldoAir, Franklin, Tennessee, which provides the ability to process images into high-resolution (1-inch ground sample distance) 3-D models.  It is particularly useful in CAP’s disaster evaluation and recovery missions for federal, state and local clients.

Col Borsari has extensive experience in IT, including design and implementation of cloud native architectures for migrations and new service implementations.  He has worked as a technical generalist and architect with a strong focus on complex system analysis, performance, testing and customer support. He is a certified Google professional cloud architect with expertise in mission-critical high-availability clusters and disaster recovery environments for public, private and hybrid clouds.

Col Borsari studied math and computer engineering at DeAnza College, Cupertino, CA, and holds numerous additional certifications in the hardware and software industry.  He currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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