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Mobilizing CAP

We do not provide direct assistance to the general public, except at the request of state and local agencies.  If you think that we can help. please contact your local Police/Sheriff Department. 

CAP has been serving the nation for 80 years; performing missions to protect and aid citizens during times of need.  We regularly assist with Disaster Relief and Search and Rescue, through the provision of specially equipped aircraft and trained aircrews; and for which our aircraft can operate at a fraction of what it costs to fly a helicopter. CAP also provides trained ground search teams. In addition, we can provide trained Incident Command Systems (ICS) qualified personnel who can coordinate and control operations for missions/incidents.  All of our personnel are volunteers, which greatly reduces the costs of our operations. Some of the services we can provide are:

  • An extensive nationwide radio communications network
  • Mobile communication equipment
  • Aerial reconnaissance and photography
  • Air and ground transport of emergency personnel and equipment
  • Air and ground search and rescue
  • Disaster relief assistance

CAP can provide additional services as well.  To discuss these roles, please feel free to contact the wing Director of Emergency Services, at operations.tncap.us.


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