(SER-TN-001) Tennessee Wing HQ
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Please feel free to contact us using the points-of-contact listed below.

For Active Mission Support; Search And Rescue, Disaster Relief, Homeland Security and other Emergency Services Requests, please contact:

The Civil Air Patrol National Operations Center

Phone: ​(888) 211-1812

Email: opscenter@capnhq.gov ​​​​​


Tennessee Emergency Management Agency
Phone: (615) 741 0001


For Wing information or capabilities requests please contact:

Rob Borsari, Col, CAP

Email:  commander@tncap.us


Bill Renaud, Lt Col, CAP

Email :  vicecommander@tcap.us


Media and General Inquiries, please contact:

Public Affairs Officer

Clarence Juneau, Maj, CAP
Email: Public Affairs@tncap.us


Membership Enquiries:

Recruiting & Retention

Bill Onkst, Capt, CAP

To Find Your Local Squadron:

Go to the Unit Locations & Contacts at the upper-right of this page




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